Exhibition Review Meeting at Beijing Residential Expo, Presented by WinGreen with Passion

The 20th China International Housing Industry and Construction Industrialization Products and Equipment Expo has come to a successful conclusion!

This exhibition focuses on the internationalization, science and technology and foresight, displays new building industrialization and Prefabricated building technologies and components, focuses on the display of residential integrated technology, promotes the green low-carbon concept, highlights the promotion of new technologies and new schemes in the passive ultra-low energy consumption field, guides the continuous improvement of housing quality and performance, vigorously develops energy-saving buildings and healthy buildings, and promotes the transformation, upgrading and high-quality development of China's construction industry.

During the exhibition period

During the exhibition, leaders from relevant departments such as the Industrial Development Center of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Rural Development, the Health and Housing Center, the China Building Metal Structure Association, the China Building Decoration Association, and the All Union Real Estate Association, as well as leaders from relevant local government departments, personally visited the exhibition site to pay attention to industry development. Experts and leaders are very interested in the joint exhibition plan of WinGreen energy-saving doors and windows and Jinxingyu shading system. They stopped at the booth to listen to the introduction of relevant personnel and had a discussion. On site communication between Chairman Chen Junlu and General Manager Chen Yangguang of Jingcheng Group

Mr. Lin Guangli, Chief Engineer of WinGreen Energy Saving Doors and Windows
Accept an on-site interview with CCTV Science and Education Channel Exhibition site

Exhibition site

As a pioneer and leading brand of aluminum alloy polyurethane composite door and window systems in China, WinGreen (booth number: E3C09) has a wide reputation and influence in the ultra-low and near zero energy consumption market. Wingerun's innovative research and development products break the traditional strip through design of broken bridge aluminum, using fully solid polyurethane insulation to break the bridge, and have achieved great improvement in product performance, The product has passed the PHI passive window certification of the German Passive Housing Research Institute, the health housing certification of the Chinese Ministry of Housing and Urban Rural Development, and the three-star certification of green building materials products. It is also the first aluminum alloy profile system selected in the passive ultra-low energy building product selection catalog of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Rural Development. As of now, it has been applied in over 200 passive ultra-low energy buildings.
At this year's CIIE, WinGreen showcased its ultra-low/near zero energy consumption full dimensional solutions (doors, windows, curtain walls, sliding doors, etc.) and combined them with the Jinxingyu sunshade system, attracting numerous industry experts and visitors to visit and exchange ideas. Everyone highly praised the excellent performance and quality of Winger Run's aluminum alloy polyurethane composite door and window system.

Display and Experience Area

In this exhibition, a passive low energy building construction method exhibition and experience area was also specially established, and WinGreen was invited to attend this construction method exhibition. WinGreen adopts innovative installation technology - wall embedded and flush installation technology, which also represents the future development trend of China's ultra-low energy building door and window installation technology. The technical characteristics of this process are:
1. Thanks to the ultra-low Heat transfer coefficient of pure polyurethane attached frame, it matches our high-performance doors and windows dedicated to passive ultra-low energy consumption buildings. Through professional thermal simulation, it can fully meet the relevant performance requirements of ultra-low energy consumption building standards, and is equivalent to the external installation performance.
2. The insulation frame can be pre installed to reduce the construction period.
3. Thanks to the excellent physical properties of the ultra-high density polyurethane insulation frame, it can be directly embedded and installed on the frame, and most of the installation work can be completed indoors, greatly improving the safety and reliability of construction. If an alternative solution of waterproof and breathable film can be used on the outside of the room, complete indoor construction operations can be achieved.
4. Compared to external installation, the convenience of later maintenance is greatly improved, ensuring both air and water tightness after maintenance.
5. The construction cost of auxiliary materials is low, and the overall cost is not higher than that of external technology.

In the future, WinGreen will continue to strive to create a healthy, comfortable, and energy-saving green ultra-low energy building door and window system, contributing value to providing a comfortable and energy-saving living environment.